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I'm a food photographer and I bought this as a photography prop and it's just what I was looking for! Photographs beautifully and works well with all types of food.

Just what I was hoping for!

This tray is gorgeous, I seriously use it everyday to serve all my meals at home, makes me smile a little while having my food.

Best tray

This is *exactly* what I was looking for. I wanted something not too formal, a little cozy and of course something that looked good. This is perfect. I love the varied colors and the slightly distressed look. I got this last week and have been using it every day since. It's something you can use as a tray and also as a container for plants or desk items. It's that versatile. It's also a perfect gift idea. I'd consider buying this for friends. Thank you!


Fabulous board! Very beautiful and elegant! Couldn’t ask for anything better, especially for the price!

Definitely worth the money, great sturdy board

I love this board! It's super nice and very sturdy. Great for a serving platter. I actually use it is a photography prop for my food photos and I love it. The color and the grains are very delicate and it seems to be very well made. I do only hand wash it which I think has helped to preserve it's integrity.

My second pillow from here, so cute! These pillows are adorable for the price and the style is on point! Quality is good too. It’s such a beautiful addition to my space!

Just as pictured and described. Superior quality fabric and sewing. NOTE THIS IS ONLY A COVER.

Absolutely stunning! This pillow is super cute and very fashionable. I have it on my sofa and it matches well. The quality is good, and it takes either an insert with the same dimensions, or an insert with 2 inch bigger dimensions--either will work, as it depends on how full you want it to look. A textured pillow is really in right now, and adds interest to my otherwise untextured sofa.

Looks super cute on my couch, I get compliments on it from my guests all the time. Will order this in another color to pair.

I just received this item and it looks just as it's advertised. It's not super sturdy but I love it. It gives my living room some style..I had to fold the top area down (with the handles inside the basket) so it wouldn't be so confined. I have a few more coming in tomorrow. I am satisfied with my purchase, especially with a fair price :-)

I used this to hold a plant. It looks just like the photo and was a great addition to my eclectic living room decor. It is on the thin side so it might not hold weight but it looks sturdy and nice as the ones that cost much more.

Ordered the large to put a plant in, worked perfectly and looks real cute!

This basket gave my plant some style.

Just the accent I was looking for.

Jude Seagrass Storage & Planter Basket (Small)
Rowena N.

Works perfectly in my office to cover up my ugly plastic planters.

Got it in Medium, perfect for my plant.

Absolutely love this basket!
Just what I was looking for!

Jude Seagrass Storage & Planter Basket (Small)
Mika N.

Cute basket, it's quite small though. I'd probably go for the M or the L size next time.

Jude Seagrass Storage & Planter Basket (Small)
Jamie C.

This attractive basket is a perfect container for plants when you need to hide the less than beautiful pot.

Jude Seagrass Storage & Planter Basket (Small)
Eva T.

I saw the basket and thought my wooden spoons would fit nicely. Also dried flowers or a plant. Fun to try different things.

Jude Seagrass Storage & Planter Basket (Small)
Tay S.

Small but cute. I love the pop of color. Real straw. Inexpensive.

I actually bought this for a cuter solution to my daughters tub toys bc her bathroom is also our guest bathroom. I saw on Pinterest that a dollar tree bin fits if you cut off the first 1 1/2 inches or so and it's perfect. I love it! I got the medium size

Beautiful basket! For the money I thought the quality was quite awesome. Is it a bit delicate? Yes, but that’s due to the fact that it’s a handmade, woven basket. I thought the paint at the bottom looked great and it enormously improved the look of my gorgeous monstera plant. Would definitely buy again!

Jude Seagrass Storage & Planter Basket (Small)
Ashley L.

Bought these basket to use around the house. The smaller of the two as a waste can & the larger one in the powder room to hold TP. They arrived safe & free of any damage! Very happy!

Jude Seagrass Storage & Planter Basket (Small)
Ciera S.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I purchased this but, I have happily surprised. Great quality and color. It is smaller than i expected based on the pictures. In the end that’s ok as I’m only using it for decor.